Create the Ultimate Cheeseburger with Hall’s Beer Cheese!

Do you love the taste of a rich cheeseburger? How about a beer cheese burger? For over 50 years, Hall’s Beer Cheese has been delighting the taste buds of people just like you. A Winchester, Kentucky favorite, Hall’s Beer Cheese combines aged cheddar and snappy spice. So if you love burgers, get ready for the ultimate combination: the beer cheese burger! The next time you are craving something delicious spread Hall’s Beer Cheese over your hamburger patty. You won’t be disappointed!

Did you know that the original recipe for Hall’s Beer Cheese was developed in Central Kentucky over half a century ago? That’s right—burger lovers have been enjoying beer cheese burgers for a long, long time, and you can be the next one on board. And once you’ve tasted the magic of a beer cheese burger, why stop there? Hall’s Beer Cheese can turn almost any meal into a fun, unique experience. This snappy beer cheese spread goes well with pretzels and over hot dogs!

So if you love beer, cheese, and burgers, get ready to sink your teeth into the ultimate cheeseburger: the beer cheese burger! Hall’s Beer Cheese will dazzle your taste buds, and this cheese dip will impress your friends, too.

To learn more about Hall’s Beer Cheese, which is served at the historic Hall’s On The River, visit the restaurant online or call (859) 527-6620. If you don’t live in the Winchester area and would like to create the ultimate beer cheese burger at home, order a fresh batch of Hall’s online. But no matter how you get this delicious concoction, one thing is for sure—you are in for a treat!